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Anna Fisher
0408 155 031
Blue Mountains & Lake Macquarie (Springwood, Wentworth Falls and Leura/Toronto and Warners Bay)

Move from stress and pain to calm and comfort!


Anna helps people move from stress and pain to calm and comfort! She has a lived experience of pain and stress and has trained in a variety of gentle movement modalities to naturally manage this and help others.

She is a certified Qigong Teacher and Feldenkrais Method Practitioner. She has Bachelor degrees in Physical Education and Psychology, as well as a diploma in Reflexology.  She is passionate about teaching people self care skills and tools.

Anna has practised and studied mindfulness meditation since 1996 and came across the Feldenkrais Method after injuring her back in 2010. She was amazed by the positive benefits (pain managment as well as stress reduction) when other modalities weren't able to help.

She has been teaching stress management workshops and programs since the year 2000, for the Area health service, NSW school of natural therapies and the general public.  She has over 16 years experience working with people with disabilities as a support coordinator working for NGO's, ADHD and the Motor Neuron Association NSW.

Anna works as a movement and self-care coach teaching classes, individual sessions and workshops, online and in the Blue Mountains. She loves movement, being in nature and reading. Check out her.....

Awareness in Motion podcast: Move from stress and pain to calm and comfort with Anna Fisher: Google podcasts: https://lnkd.in/g8m5vxV8 Spotify: https://lnkd.in/gzvadv-b


“The Feldenkrais Method introduced the idea that gentle movements together with breathing and posture awareness would leave me with greater flexibility and coordination. It’s true! My balance has improved and this has stropped the sensation I had of falling.” Janene Annables (Retired school teacher)

"After each Feldenkrais session, I feel much more flexible, lighter, and taller. I find the classes give me fascinating new insights into how my body works and how to fine-tune all the different parts of my body using small and gentle movements. Anna has extensive technical knowledge, and makes sure all her students feel comfortable and adjusts movements and classes to suit our bodies and needs. Anna's Qigong and Tai Chi classes have also been very beneficial. They compliment the Feldenkrais very well, one is more fluid, and the other is very precise. It has been great having the one teacher, in Anna who can teach both, because it means that she is more familiar with my strengths, weaknesses and needs. Many thanks Anna." Arlene Harvey (Lecturer, Sydney University).

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